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Monday, April 03, 2006
see ya
i'm moving to indiana

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006
blah blah blah
i dont' know why i don't delete this damn thing. no one reads it. so um for the few random ppl who stop by: HI

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Thursday, February 09, 2006
kick ass concert, no more depressing blogs
ok so last night i went to see 4 bands play. i left my house at 5ish and went to angleton to pick up angel. we thought we'd have plenty of time to make it to the first band that starts at 7:30. and that was the beginning of our journey...

we were stuck in rush hour traffic when a semi-drunk angel demanded i stopped the car so he could take a piss on the side of the interstate. but fortunately he waited until we could get off the highway and we pulled into a james coney island where he was able to relieve himself and we got something to eat. then we got back on the highway, drove about an hour past the turnoff, and when we finally found the right road we couldn't find the right god damn place. we drove around for about an hour, stopped at a gas station where angel got directions from an arab guy. not good directions AT ALL!! then we saw a dominos and my genius mind devised that it might be a good idea to stop and ask there cuz i mean they deliver pizzas everywhere, right? and it was out of their area but they got us set the right way. so by this time we had missed 3 1/2 bands and i was really getting pissed cuz we couldn't find this damn place. thank god i went with angel. there was never a dull moment or awkward silence or anything. he preserved my SANITY. thank u angel.

when we finally found the place it was like tucked in the corner of a shopping center, no sign, just a small banner angel happened to notice the third or fourth time we had passed that location. so we got there in time to hear the last song or two from boys night out.

and then armor for sleep came on!! i was really excited. i couldn't enjoy myself as much as i normally do cuz i have a show this weekend, (invited dress is tonight) and i told my director i wouldn't scream and lose my voice. but i still had a great time!! and it was honestly worth the two extra hours of driving time. for me at least. i hope it wasn't too bad for angel.

so ended my night with making out and going home to crash. the end.

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Tuesday, February 07, 2006
its all the truth even if it never happened
"But it's all the truth even if it never happened." damn. thats a line from "one flew over the cuckoo's nest". i saw the play three times when they did it at the center last semester and now i'm reading the novel. they describe the lead guy as this red head blah blah, but McMurphy will always be wes copeland and vice versa. *sigh*

anyways wher i was going with that line is:
i am totally amazed by the human mind. we can repress events that happened and make them something totally different by replacing it with events that didn't happen. we can alter little aspects of events that make it so much easier to cope with and years later we see this stuff in a totally different view from what it happened. i watched this M.A.S.H. episode (OMG i love alan alda) and hawkeye (alda) comes down with an allergy type thing. but they find out its all phsychological so they call in sidney the shrink. as they talk through things that happened this event comes out that had actually caused the illness. he remembers his cousin billy, a bit older who he loved and looked up to. they were in a boat fishing one day and hawkeye falls into the water and billy pulls him out. through freudian slips such as "he helped me into the water." being changed into "out of the water. i meant out". he has this moment of realization and totally breaks down. LOSES it. A TOTALLY GREAT MOMENT IN ACTING. even if its on M.A.S.H. bite me. but it totally depicts the ability of the human mind to see what u want and make light of an event. i have found that true in my own life, when something suddenly hits me when i find out info later. like when i found out my cousin was a sex offender, i remember us playing hide and go seek when we were younger. bits aren't clear... but i do remember things happening and if i told he would come into our window and make me watch him as he killed my sister. he played it off as a joke, and i repressed the whole memory, altering it to being a game of hide and seek and a joke about him coming to the house later. and when i found out, YEARS later, that he was in jail for relations with this young girl, all these memories came back and i was like HOLY SHIT. and i broke down. i still haven't told anyone, to this day, until this blog. it hasn't been one of the supressed memories that has haunted me or really even affected me like some of the others. but i do remember sitting up all that night... watching my little sister sleep, to make sure he didn't come, even though it was "just a joke". i wasn't going to let anything happen to kelsey. i didn't even think about what had happened to me (he didn't rape me but i'm not going into details) i was only worried about my sister. wow. its amazing the details that have come back to me just from typing this. god damn it...

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Monday, February 06, 2006
great shit
i LOVE college. LOVE IT! i mean... this would never happen in highschool. on friday night i went up to my mom and was like "i'm staying at dustins tonight cuz a bunch of ppl are gonna be watching movies and stuff." no asking, no phone calls to parents (my dad would even call ella's mom when we were gonna stay the night there.) and my mom is like "ok thats fine. keep ur phone on." LOVE COLLEGE!! its kick ass! :D

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i die a little more inside
i walk along the beach. i carry a glass bottle in which i tore out my heart and mercilessly force it into this small glass jar. i'm desperate to reach u. desperate to break down ur wall and love u once more. i seal my heart in with the cork, kiss the bottle, and holding my breath, toss it out into the ocean, and pray through my tears that you'll somehow find it. and when it washes upon your shore, will u read it and will ur heart finally melt, revealing the truth we've both been searching for. or will u even give it a second glance? will u walk away and never look back? or will u kick it back into its wet abyss never to be found again, my heart, lying in pieces at the bottom of the ocean.

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Thursday, January 19, 2006

my life is such a joke. and guess what? the jokes on me. so laugh with me. or at me. c'mon its funny.


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Friday, January 13, 2006
had to be there
Way up high. No one else around. Under the stars. Only they can see us. De ja vu. Except no passion. yet no tension. Shivering in the cool night air. Your hand in mine warms my entire body. The night is a blanket of dark and stars. Amazing Beautiful Perfect

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